Though I'm a Mechanical Engineer I have a lot of hobbies dealing with electronics. This is advantageous to a mech, because of automation and data collection. I was the president of TAMULUG for one and a half years. Although I mainly use Arch Linux and Debian, I have always encouraged people to try all flavors of Linux. Also I am a server administrator for a few websites. If you need a website, please contact me.

This is a optoisolated multiplexed analog to digital converter for the raspberry pi. I'm experimenting with this to build a whole house energy monitoring system for when I move off the grid years from now.

I haven't had too much time to mess with the Raspberry Pi, but I have flashed an LED and transmitted FM by resonating a GPIO pin with the front side bus. I'm hoping to do more when I have time. One of the projects is a home thermostat. Similarly, I haven't had time to do much more than flash an LED with the Arduino, but I have big plans for it down the road. One of those projects is a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for brewing.

A project at REEL called for a Beaglebone Black (BBb) with 3 analog to digital converters (ADC). These ADC's can handle 18 bits of precision. The ADC's are built for a Raspberry Pi; it works well with the Raspberry Pi cape for the BBb. The current setup allows me to have 24 analog 0-5V inputs. I could add one more ADC board if needed to have 32 analog inputs.