This is my first CNC machine to build. It is a small CNC router. I'm using LinuxCNC as the control software. This picture shows four motor controllers, a 5 axis CNC controller, and a spindle speed controller. I'm still working wiring the servomotors, limit switches, and E-stop. It will hopefully be fully functional by Thanksgiving.

This project is for learning. Once I am comfortable with building this CNC, I will move onto bigger CNC's like mills and lathes.

I finally finished my CNC machine and have started producing parts. The cross was a birthday present for my sister. The key holder was a project for my girl friend, she painted it and I designed and built it. The shave stand was built for me. All of the projects I wrote the G-code by hand except for the engravings on the cross I used GIMP for that. I really like wood joints which is evident in the key holder and the shave stand. The picture of the stepper motor windings is what happens when your stepper motor drivers can't reduce the voltage from your power supply enough to run the proper amperage.