BBQ Controller

Prototyping a BBQ pit controller. Hopefully, updates coming soon. This project uses a Arduino micro. The Arduino reads a thermistor and adjusts a servo-motor using a PID controller. The K-values are set using trim-pots for now. I might pull those once I get the K-values tuned in. The servo-motor will control the intake flue, which controls combustion and intern temperature.

Finished soldering up the prototype board. I even have it running off a 9v battery through a buck power supply. I should get long life out of the 9v; I can use a wall wart if needed. I still need to solder up the controls put it in a box and rebuild my damper setup. Hopefully, I will get to cook some chickens this weekend and test everything out.

Finally got it stuck in a project box. It is rough looking, but should be good enough to test.

This is my first damper design. It has problems, but hopefully it will work for the initial testing. I think I will eventually go for more of a butterfly valve.