Amateur Radio

I'm an amateur extra; my call is KF5RHG. I mainly love to rag chew, but I also love to chase those DX contacts. I've been a ham since summer of 2012 when an ARRL field day got my interest. Amateur radio operators are some of the most outstanding people one will ever meet.


My main rig right now is my mobile rig. I am looking forward to setting up a shack once I am out of college.

Helical Antenna

This is my first attempt at building an antenna. Since it didn't work out as well as I had hoped, I plan to rebuild it. This antenna is intended for satellite communication, whether it is talking with the International Space Station, making contacts by bouncing off the moon, or contacting actual satellites.

Camp Hearne

I made my first DX contact on this radio out of the guard tower at Camp Hearne, a World War II POW camp. The contact out of Slovenia was on 20m. The short wave radio was built by the German prisoners in the camp to listen to the German radios.