Prototyping!!! I'm planning on hooking this in series with my current thermostat. At least until I get all the bugs worked out. This would be a safety encase it decides to make my house a meat locker or something else expensive.

I took my thermostat setup to teach about the RaspberryPi at work and some how this sdcard got damaged, but git saved me.

This project originally started as an automated thermostat, but our garage door openers died. Garage door openers are expensive. I found out that if I shorted the back of the terminals on the button the door moved and I had an extra relay on the relay board. So I added the garage door opening feature.

The garage door opener works well. I still have yet to run the wires for the thermostat portion, but hopefully that will happen soon. The relays activate: Fan, Cool, Heat, and Door. I'm using a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor for the indoors temperature and pulling the outdoor temperature from the airport.

The code for this project is in a repository at BitBucket. Please don't program like me. Seriously I'm a Mechanical Engineer not a programmer.

I was having problems connecting to the wifi from my vehicle so I ran a wire and changed the wireless network adapter on the RaspberryPi from a client to an access point. This has helped a lot. I am still running into problems with having hostapd auto add itself to the bridge so I'm having to manually do it with brctl.

I think the RaspberryPi has been overheating, due to being in a garage in Texas. I ordered heat sinks and a fan for it to attempt to cure this problem. I have put the heat sinks on it, which has lowered the cpu temp by about 20F. The fan looks like it is going to pull to many amps so I'm going to have to splice it into the usb cord powering the RaspberryPi do to my concern of overloading the fuses when the fan is running and a relay activates. I will keep the box opened until this time.